What you give, is what you get


Why should you contribute to the site repository?

  • You want to list a job
  • You want to list yourself as an applicant
  • You have found a bug and you want to fix it
  • You have found a typo in our site
  • We missed you in the credits list - sorry :(

Whatever the reason is - Thank you!


  • NodeJS (v8.3+)
  • Yarn or NPM

Where is the content stored

  • Applicants - /content/applicants
  • Jobs - /content/jobs

How to contribute

  1. Clone ( or fork ) our website repository
  2. Install the required dependencies via yarn or npm install
  3. Run gridsome develop to have a local preview
  4. Create a new job/applicant entry
  5. Create a pull request
  6. We'll accept pull requests every weekday. -- To help with pull requests, DM @cmaxw on Twitter.